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Our Mission

ImmunogeniX, LLC is a privately owned biotech research corporation dedicated to combining cryonics technology and tumor vaccine immunology. We have two key goals that drive us, the first of which is to provide a cryonics repository for safe, secure, and protected storage of individual patients tumor cells or tissues in an extreme, ultra-frozen state, using state-of-the-art cryogenics recovery media in order to allow the individual patient's tumor cells/tissue to be harvested at time of surgery. The second is provide the patients with their own frozen, stored, and then retrieved at a later time when the cells/tissues can be grown in culture, expanded, and then used as a basic platform for production of immuno-stimulatory modifed, cell-based vaccine.

Our laboratory, the only one of its kind in Western North Carolina, is run by Biosafety Level II lab manager who has established constant infection prevention methods to ensure the safest products available from ImmunogeniX. We adhere to the recommendations for safety, efficacy, and protection of tumor cell repositories as established by the National Cancer Institue's Biospecimen Best Practices Recommendations, revised 11-10-11. All of our protocols and procedures will be monitored by the regional Institutional Cancer Review Board.

It is our plan to provide programs and immunological platforms for treating patient's cancer using autologous and allogeneic tumor cells by translational clinical trials initiated by other biotech or pharmaceutical companies or universities, under IRB, IBC and FDA oversight and an additional project looking at the immunotherapy of common and plantar warts has begun and we hope to get to phase 1 or phase 2 trials at the end of the year.

Donald W. Russell, M.D., M.S. President, CEO ImmunogeniX, LLC

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Immunogenix Research, LLC.
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Main Phone Number: (828) 277-5422
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Donald W. Russell, M.D., M.S.
President, CEO ImmunogeniX, LLC
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